s/n 153782
Aleksander Mamaevskiy
s/n 153816
Alexander Kneller
s/n 163637
Kamil Janicki
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Factory GOMZ (LOMO)
lens T-43
the type made from 1961 to 1963
example of number
minimum found number061338
maximum found number153816
Produced piecesUnknown
Distinctive features of type
Export type of Smena-8 ;
With logos GOMZ;
Inscription "Cosmic-35" with underlining
Отличительные черты типа
Экспортный тип Смены-8;
Надпись "Cosmic-35" с подчеркиванием;
С доготипами ГОМЗ
camera from collection of Anatoliy Zilbert (Russia)
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