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Factory GOMZ (LOMO)
lens Periskop-Rapid
the type made from 1934 to 1937
example of number233638
minimum found number
maximum found number
Produced piecesUnknown
Distinctive features of type
Early type of logo GOMZ on the back;
As variant(we don't know exactly about this variant was made in factory or remade later):
Shutter Vario;
Lens Periskop-Rapid-Aplanat;
Отличительные черты типа
Раннийтип логотипа ГОМЗ на задней крышке ;
Как вариант(точно не известно заводской или переделка):
Затвор Vario;
Объектив Periskop-Rapid-Aplanat;
Camera from collection of Anatoliy Zilbert (Russia)
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