Kira Gromova
s/n 9025451
Milan Jarakovic
s/n 9121473
Evgeniy Alexandrov
s/n 9122380
Alexandr Sagaydak
s/n 9212400
Alexander Kneller
s/n 9215242
Aleksander Mamaevskiy
s/n 9225459
Alexandr Sagaydak
s/n 9335411
Alexandr Sagaydak
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Factory BELOMO (MMZ)
lens Industar-104
the type made from 1990 to 1997
example of number
minimum found number9025451
maximum found number9335411(15/06/93)
Produced piecesUnknown
Distinctive features of type
Without Quality label
Отличительные черты типа
Без Знака качества
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