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List of all cameras. ->Krasnogorsk(C360) (4 types) See All types
made in factory KMZ
type of camera 16mm movie
Series of camera Krasnogorsk
Type of lenses bayonet Krasnogorsk
Camera made from 1965 to 1974
Produced piecesUnknown
Other description
16mm Semiautomatic Spring drive Movie camera
These cameras were produced by factory "KMZ" (Krasnogorsk).
Mount for lenses is bayonet
Camera has:
Spring drive
Exposure meter (from battery)
Film accept: 16mm (in cassete)
Speeds of frame 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 48 frame/sec
Lenses: Vega-7 (2/20mm)
Mir-11 (2.2/12.5mm)
Vega-9 (2.1/50mm)
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